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January 2014Posted by Marty Jones, President


So, are you one of those people who make lots of New Year’s resolutions? Or, did you give up on that years ago! Whatever your history with resolutions, this is always a good time to think ahead and give some thought to this fresh new year ahead of us all.

Winter is promising to keep us indoors for a few more months, so there is plenty of time to get to work on indoor (translated “quilting”) projects. This is the perfect time to finish up at least one item to be included in our bi-annual Quilt Show in June. The show is our biggest guild event, and we want every member – new or advanced – to have something displayed in the show this year. There are all sorts of jobs for everyone no matter what your prior experience with quilting or with putting on the show. So now is the time to listen up to how to be part of this wonderful event. You will be deluged with information from now on, so don’t miss the chance to be part of this.

Another big guild project has been the Cumberland County Documentation Project that is begin-ning to wind down. With nearly 1,000 quilts documented over the past two years, we are now finishing up with some private quilt collections and are starting to prepare the book for publica-tion. If you have helped in any way, we are going to be nagging you to give us your name to be included in the book. If you haven’t yet had a chance to be involved in this project, there is still time so see one of the committee members to see how you can participate. It is a great way to be part of history, and there are still opportunities to be an active volunteer.

Finally, we have our upcoming Quilt Raffle. This “big” quilt was designed by award-winning Karen Kay Buckley and is stunning. This year the proceeds will be going to the guild’s Education Fund to help us bring in nationally-known speakers and workshop presenters in the coming year. We are encouraging each member to take at least 30 tickets to sell. Prizes will be announced for those selling the most tickets; the tickets make great gifts as well. Of course, the best incentive for selling a lot of tickets is that you might actually buy the winning ticket yourself. Let’s get to work making this a truly record setting year for selling tickets! Come up with ideas to boost your own sales and to encourage others to do so as well - everyone will benefit from this.

Regardless of any past history you have with regard to New Year’s Resolutions, I think you will agree that there are some goals here that you can certainly be successful at achieving.

Special NotePosted by LeTort Quilters


The Cumberland County Quilt Documentation Project is underway! Local quilters are undergoing an exciting project to document the history of quilts and quilting (pre-1950) in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Visit the documentaiton website for more details and project updates.