Below are links to instructions for the alternate blocks and each of the primary blocks.  Visit this page each month for the latest block.

We are doing a block of the month this year! The blocks you make will be for you to keep and make into a quilt. Let me guess your questions and answer them:

  1.  What colors do I use?  The color that you like the most is best to use.
  2.  How big will the final quilt be?  It is set on point with 16 alternating blocks and 9 different blocks, so the size will be 95x95.
  3. Can I make it smaller?  Yes, you may choose not to put it on point or make only 9 alternate blocks and 4 different blocks.
  4. When do I get the directions?  In this guild newsletters and on this web page, you will find the directions for the blocks. Each month you will find one or two blocks with directions.
  5. May I show my blocks?  Absolutely! At the Monday meetings, we want everyone to show and share their blocks. Also, in June, we hope to share our completed tops!
  6. I’m a beginner; what if I have trouble with a block?  There are several women, with the job of title of Block Master, in the guild that would be happy to help you. 

This adventure will be a fun time for you to learn and create a beautiful quilt. Part of the purpose of the guild is to support each other.

2018-2019 Block of the Month

How To...

Yardage for the Quilt

For (16) blocks you will need the following:

  • Piece A – cut 192 – 2” square from your favorite color
  • Piece B – cut 16 – 3 ½” square from your favorite color
  • Piece C – cut 64 – 2” x 3 ½” rectangles from background fabric
  • Piece D – cut 64 – 2” x 6 ½” rectangles from background fabric
  • Piece E – cut 64 – 2” x 9 ½” rectangles from background fabric
  • Piece A – 20” needed
  • Piece B – 7” needed
  • Piece C – 12” needed
  • Piece D – 22” needed
  • Piece E – 32” needed

If your background is all the same for the alternate blocks, then you would need 2 yards. If you want to use the same background for the focus blocks then you would need 3 ½ yards.

For the focus blocks select between 3 – 7 different fabrics. Total yardage should be around 4 yards. 

I craft, therefore, I hoard.

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